Monday, December 2, 2013

Love Changes Book Blitz by Marsha Casper Cook

Title: Love Changes
Author: Marsha Casper Cook
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Blitz Host: Lady Amber's Tours


When lies come back to haunt Elaine, can she find a way to forgive herself? 

We’ve all heard the comment, “Sometimes life is too damn hard.” That’s what people say when they aren’t ready to move forward with their lives. Elaine Lewis was one of those people. She had made some bad decisions, but after spending months in therapy at the Castleberry, her future depended on her ability to forgive herself. With the help of a wonderfully patient nurse, a secure and passionate doctor, and a husband who loved her very much, she was able to find the miracle she had been looking for. Life is but a dream, with many flashing moments.

Author Bio:
Marsha Casper Cook is the author of 10 published books and 11 feature-length screenplays. Her published works include LOVE CHANGES, a contemporary romance novel, and TO LIFE, a non-fiction biography about being a teenager and surviving the Holocaust. She has also written four books for young children, SNACK ATTACK ,THE MAGICAL LEAPING LIZARD POTION and the poetry collection THE BUSY BUS. Her book NO CLUES NO SHOES  is the first of the Emelina Hewitt and her dog Stanley series. Marsha's latest work and her first in a romance collection, VIRGINIA TEMPLETON STORIES   has just been released in paperback and she is currently working on LEO LOVES GRACIE characters taken from her screenplay Prince Charming which will be out after the first of the year.

Since early 2010, Marsha has hosted radio shows on Blog Talk Radio. She and Virginia Grenier,the other half of World Of Ink Network Blog Talk Radio, have been doing shows for almost four years. Her show "A Good Story Is A Good Story" is about writing.Marsha does discuss many subjects on her radio shows but her love of writing draws her to talk to other authors and marketing experts.

She will be adding different shows this year with her partner at World Of Ink Network, Virginia Grenier. Marsha is also is doing Radio Book Launches with Marnie McNiff and Virginia Grenier with Michigan Avenue Media.Inc. specializing in Children's Books, Romance and Thrillers.
Join Marsha at Blog Talk Radio where she does her WORLD OF INK NETWORK radio shows.

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