Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lilies in the Clearing by Lydia North (my review plus buy link)

Wow!  This sequel to Waiting for Harvey was amazing!  Lydia North (aka Kim Scott) has such a talent for writing.  This second book in the series was so frightfully good.  I have never read a real ghost story until this series.  The writing is so well done that I was terrified, but in a really good kind of way.  The book grabbed me from the very beginning and held me captive all the way until the end.  It is one adventure after another.  The whole time I’m thinking how is this character going to survive all of this. 

I am a fan for life of this author.  I highly recommend this book to any lover of this genre.  Even those who are not “into” ghost stories should give it a try.  I did and was very glad I did.  This book gets 5 ***** all the way around.  

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