Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Beautiful Kind of Love by Ellie Wade hosted by N K Author Services

A Beautiful Kind of Love
by Ellie Wade
Genre: Contemporary Romance

My Review

I absolutely loved this book.  I read it in about 4 hours and I was just completely hooked from page one.  The author writes with such emotion that I was just totally drawn into the story.  I felt as if I was Lily and that was my Jax. 

Their story is amazing.  It is beautiful, it is sad, it is hurt and pain, it is loving and caring.  All kind of emotions ran through me while reading.  I even cried, because they… Jax and Lily just had to be together no matter what.
This book is a definite read for those lovers of romance.  Be prepared to go on an emotional roller coaster that is amazingly beautiful.  I am so anxious for the next book to come out so I can see where they go from here.

I give this book 5***** all the way around and am so glad I got a chance to read it.  I highly recommend it.  

Every choice has a consequence.

I believe in soul mates. Why? Because I have one and his name is Jax Porter.

I have known Jax my whole life and I have loved him with every breath I’ve ever taken. The fact that we were born a mere month apart to mothers that are best friends has made us inseparable since birth.

What we have is so rare, one would think our story would be written, our fate sealed. But, unfortunately that’s not how life works. Life offers us many choices that can turn destiny into chance.

I now find myself heading toward a destination that I could have never imagined and I have to figure out where to go from here.

Will the choices that have been made change our path forever or will fate find its way?

Ellie Wade resides in southwest Michigan with her husband, three young children, and two dogs. She has a Master’s degree in education from Eastern Michigan University and is a huge University of Michigan sports fan. She loves the beauty of her home state, especially the lakes and the gorgeous autumn weather. When she is not writing, you will find her reading, snuggled up with her kiddos, or spending time with family and friends. She loves traveling and exploring new places with her family.

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