Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beyond Words by Diane O'Key hosted by N K Author Services

Beyond Words
by Diane O'Key
Genre: Contemporary Romance

My Review

This was such a nice read.  I just loved this book to pieces.  This is what I would call a really nice romance book.  Trey and Abby have to work together to save the bookstore that was willed to them by their aunt who passed away.  The attraction between Trey and Abby was apparent from the get go, even though they tried so hard to fight it. 

I loved following the story of Trey and Abby getting to know each other.  It was absolutely great.  Abby’s best friend Mellie was a super character as well.  She was the perfect best friend.  All of the characters in this book actually were really great.  It was just that, a really great book.

I give this book 5***** all the way around.  I hope that you will read it too and enjoy it as much as I did.

The last thing Abby Mathieson wants is what she most needs: a take-care-of-the-business-end partner. Emotional and financial demons spur her dreams of self-reliance and her vow to continue her aunt's legacy of Beyond Words, a Blue Ridge Mountains book-and-gift shop.

Trey Dalton, sexy CPA with a heart of gold and backbone of steel, wants nothing more than to return to his home in sunny Florida. But he made a death-bed promise to help Abby succeed... whatever it takes.

Conflict and sexual tension intensify as they wrangle over the shop and deal with Abby's quirky best friend and the incorrigible resident parrot. Abby's sworn to trust no man, but Trey has her tangled up worse than knotted fishing line. If she can't overcome her insecurities before he unravels her finances and leaves town forever, her precious independence will cost her a love Beyond Words. 

Diane O’Key can’t ever remember not reading—or writing, for that matter. By the end of eighth grade, she’d written numerous poems and short stories and won an award for having read over 500 books grades 1 through 8. Her lifelong love of storytelling, classical literature, and history—inspired by incredible and demanding teachers—propelled her into a 22-year secondary language arts teaching career, in which her students and colleagues immeasurably enriched her life...though one of her great points of pride—and greatest fears—is that they remember her as OCD about grammar, spelling, and syntax....
Raised on the Jersey Shore, she discovered a deep love of theater (for which she won several awards) and gymnastics in high school. Aided by scholarships and loans, she worked her way through Georgian Court University, and upon graduation with honors and 42 English literature credits, taught high school in Pt. Pleasant and Pt. Pleasant Beach.
Then, she and her high-school sweetheart, now husband, moved to Southwest Florida, where she continued to teach. Married for 40 years, she and her better-half, a retired firefighter, have one grown son, a talented airbrush artist, and divide their time between we-love-winters-in Florida (though they’re there—at least for now—most of the year) and their beloved South Carolina Upstate lake home as often as they can get away.
Her interests include making custom jewelry and bookmarks, snow skiing, baking, and anything to do with the water. A member of SW Florida Romance Writers and RWA for eighteen years, she has two wonderful, multi-published authors as critique partners: the self-dubbed Three Musketeers. Diane writes medieval historical romance, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense.
Writing as she does “in the mist,” without absolute direction or outlines, is both a challenge and a joy. She delights in those moments when the characters pop full-blown into her head, carrying on a conversation. As that pop is rarely the first chapter, however, the struggle begins to write from that point-first backward, then forward. Keeps her awake at night...and life interesting.


  1. Thanks so much for the lovely review! Really glad you enjoyed it--I enjoyed writing it :-)

    1. Glowing review, Diane. And your book deserves it!

  2. Just the perfect mix of independence and take-over ~ thanks for a great book, Diane

  3. Sweet! It sounds like a great read!

  4. This is one of those give-yourself-a-treat books! Take a few hours, pour yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and just settle in for some time with Abby and Trey. You'll thank yourself for it!

  5. Loved the characters, the bookstore in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the initial conflict. And of course, the resolution! Do it again, Diane!